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Do Stretch Mark Removal Creams Really Work?
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Are stretch marks a great cause of anguish and frustration for you? Well, undoubtedly, these marks appear irrespective of race, ethnicity and sex. But what really causes the ugly looking marks that tarnish our perfect body? Are there any ways of removing them and do these stretch mark removal creams in the market work or not?

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks occur on the skin when the body has gone through abnormal stretching and expansion in a short time. This can occur during pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain or just growth as in puberty. This abnormal stretching of the skin causes its support system, which is the collagen and elastin to break and rupture. The collagen and elastin in the skin are responsible for its elastic and flexible nature. These tears originate from inside to the outside rather than from outside to inside, like how scars are.

Does stretch mark creams work?

There are many products and stretch marks removal creams available in the markets that promise the removal of stretch marks in your body. But are these stretch mark removal creams any good? Or are they just another beauty product that doesn’t deliver?

Choosing a good stretch mark removal cream is not as easy as a finding the best moisturizer for dry skin. Stretch marks remain one of the biggest skin care issues as there are no known cosmetic ingredient or compound that can produce a proper removal effect on stretch marks.  But this doesn’t mean that there is no help out there for us. Even though complete removal of stretch mark is not possible, it is possible to reduce the severity of the visible damage to the skin. Any stretch mark cream with alpha hydroxy acid and retinol, Vitamin C, tiger’s herb and the likes can help in reducing the visible stretch mark.

Stretch marks are a big problem in skin care. It is not only visible in girls and women, but also in adolescent males and people who have lost or gained weight quickly. They can remain in your body for a long time and can even tarnish your self-esteem and confidence. But it is important not to be fooled by the claims of stretch mark removal creams and serums in the market. Even though there are products that can help in reducing the visibility of the stretch marks, skin care is a far way away from completely removing it. If any product promises to completely remove your stretch marks, it is safe to assume that you are being scammed.

Consult your dermatologist and get yourself a stretchmark minimizing cream. It does the trick for most of us. And in case you want more, there are other methods of treatment like massage therapy, derma rollers and microdermabrasion that can help fade the appearance of stretch marks.